How it all began

It was love at first sight.  When I first saw the Kitchen Aid, with its curvy cream top,  I fell head over heels in love.  I just knew I had to take it home.  It sat in my kitchen looking marvellous and I was inspired to put it to work, so I started baking cakes like I was personally responsible for curing a world shortage.


The next turning point was the rolling stones cake I made for my brother’s 18th birthday.  I loved making the cake, was really pleased with the results and was showered with compliments and suggestions that this could be my next profession.


I loved the fact that my friends and family had such nice things to say but knew I had a long way to go to be a professional cake designer.  I worked hard to learn all the methods for the cakes I wanted to make, clocking up the hours looking at Google and You Tube to teach myself the basics.  

I love making sugar flowers, clean lines and really pretty cakes.  I love delivering the finished cake to the wedding venue and staging it.  It is an honour to play a small part in a big day.

While I never imagined I would be creating cakes for a living, it is not really a surprise I have this creative outlet as I have always loved fashion and interior design and have spent many hours handcrafting the finishing touches I wanted for a room.


I bake all my cakes from scratch as it is important to me that I am delivering a high-quality product and I want to be certain that my cakes taste as good as they look.  I use all Scottish produce where I can from the finest butters to the best Flour.  I make sugar syrups to enhance the cakes flavours and balance them with different curds and fillings.